Northern Circle Bluegrass Music Society Fall Weekend Workshops

October 18-20 / Camp HeHoHa (1 hr West of Edmonton, AB, Canada)

GET COMFORTABLE PLAYING & SINGING / Level - Beginner/Intermediate

Six 1-hour sessions

Bring your instrument AND your voice and leave behind your fears and inhibitions!  We’ll give you some pointers on, and help with stage presence, backing your own vocals, and lots of “lab time” with gentle, positive evaluation and encouragement! This workshop is an opportunity for anyone who is working towards being more comfortable playing and singing with others. Share what you have and be prepared to grow just a bit. .

In the Jam Music Workshop

October 26-27 / Kelowna, BC, Canada

Many people are nervous about playing in a jam … this workshop will give you the skills to participate in a jam by taking a break, be the steady rhythm section, or sing some harmony with confidence.

Wildflower Music Camp

May 14 - 17 / Big Creek, CA

Bluegrass Vocals & Harmony Singing:

In this fun and informative class we will take a detailed look at bluegrass-style singing and how it has evolved since its inception with Bill Monroe. We will work on basic and essential vocal techniques to improve your singing skills, the stylistic nuances that makes bluegrass singing sound like bluegrass including phrasing, timing and vocal “licks” or ornamentation, basic bluegrass harmony singing, how to find your key, and developing your own style.